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#JamboreeServiceTeam Application Review Status Update

The enthusiasm for the #2021NationalScoutJamboree is building, and our Jamboree Service Team volunteers are ready to Face the Challenge! Now that we’ve announced that the first 2,021 applicants to the JST will receive a limited edition Challenge Accepted temporary insignia #patch, we have received a number of eager inquiries asking about the status of JST applications. Don’t worry—the 2,021 applicants go all the way back to the day the JST registration system opened. After fielding numerous questions from potential volunteers who want to be a part of the JST, we’ve consulted with our partners across the Jamboree, and now we’re happy to share a few verified updates about the JST application process.

Local #Scout councils have the ability to review and approve the JST applicants who are members of their council. The council review process has been open for a few weeks. However, many councils have not yet reviewed any of the JST applications that are queued-up from their council’s members. All JST applications must be reviewed and approved by the local council before the application can be considered by the Jamboree leadership. If you are wondering about the status of your JST application then our first step is to recommend that you be good Scouts and offer a friendly and courteous reminder to your council executive staff that they must designate a single reviewer of JST applicants as soon as they are able (if they have not yet done so), and then review all of the the awaiting applications from their council.

Leads across all of the Jamboree will get their first chance this month, by 31 December 2019, to review the JST applications that have been approved by councils. Each applicant is able to select three preferences of job assignment, and leads will receive the application according to the order of preferences indicated by the applicant. Once the #Jamboree leadership application review process is launched via the online registration system, the designated reviewers of JST applicants will be contacted with instructions for reviewing and acting on the JST applications.

JST applicants themselves should #BePrepared to be contacted by members of the Jamboree leadership during the review and consideration process. Some JST roles require certain specialized skills and abilities to be verified, so be on the lookout for any communication (probably email, but maybe a phone call) where a lead may be reaching out to introduce her-/himself and get to know you better.

JST applicants who have been offered to a jamboree role (job) will be notified via email from the application system. Each applicant must then formally accept or reject the offer that s/he has received according to the instructions in the message. Once the JST applicant accepts the role that was offered, then that applicant will appear on the official roster for the assigned role.

The #ScoutExperiencePillar leadership will continue to monitor the JST application process and prepare our leads for their duties to recruit and review the applications once they become available to us. We are very excited to have so many #Scouters ready to volunteer to deliver the Jamboree. Stay tuned to this page, and our group, for updates as they become available.


Josh Kirby

Deputy Pillar Lead for Administration – Scout Experience